Oceanside Aquariums

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Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish will be replaced one time in the event the fish dies within 7 days of purchase with the original receipt and the following conditions are met.

  • The dead fish must be returned
  • A sample of water from the aquarium is required in a separate container
  • Water sample does not show an unsafe level of nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, or improper PH levels.
  • The fish does not show signs of damaged fins or scales due to injuries or aggressive tank mates.
*NOTE: Sensitive fish or fish that exceed $14.99 are not guaranteed
*NOTE: Special Orders must be paid for in advanced, we do NOT offer exchanges, returns or guarantees on special orders.

Saltwater Fish and Coral

  • There is NO guarantee on saltwater fish, coral, or inverts

Dry Goods Replacement Policy

We will replace the item if there is a manufacturer defect within 30 days, if the following conditions are met

  • Original receipt is provided
  • Original package and all parts are returned
  • The item was not misused in any manner other than its intended use.

If the product is unavailable for any reason, in store credit will be issued.
We DO NOT offer returns or store credit on any special orders.
NOTE: We DO NOT give cash or credit card refunds, all refunds will be in store credit only.